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Multimedia Designer | Composer

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Graphic Design

Advertising and Promotion, Editorial Design (magazines, newspapers and books), Corporate Design (logos and branding), Web Design, Illustrations and Photography. Check out my portfolio.

Merijn's Music

I love to make my own compositions, work on songwriting and do music promotion. You can listen some of my music here.

About Merijn Cornelissen

Merijn is focused and works in a goal-oriented way. For the projects that he works on he aims at high quality standards and looks at situations from multiple angels. By letting go of fixed frameworks he comes up with original and innovative ideas to convert the design concepts in a way that meets the needs of the client and the desire of the end-user efficiently and effectivly. In group projects he acts from the group interest and contribute to the results and atmosphere in the group.

Communication and Multimedia Design

Communication and Multimedia Design is the art of presenting information in an interesting and creative way, and involves showing information in multiple media formats. Images, video, audio and text all are part of multimedia communication. Creative communication solutions and end user functionality is the goal.

Looking for a Multimedia Designer?

Creative communication solutions, graphic design, music, advertising, promotion, research, copywriting, a/v design, web design, usability, and more.


+31 6 1368 7131

Merijn Cornelissen
Tel: +31 6 1368 7131
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Maastricht, Netherlands
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